Jayesh J Kumar


I feel enthused. A million accomplished.

Always wanted a worry free environment, up in the hills to establish a college, away from the hassles of the set pattern of most campuses today, free from congestion and pollution.

The college is snuggled in the hill station of Peermade, high up in the Western Ghats in Kerala, amidst spectacular waterfalls with uncompromising forest, open grass lands, pine forest, tea, coffee and spice plantations around. Guaranteed to offer a fulfilling standard of academic life. The college provides besides studies, extensive opportunities for continued personal growth in a compassionate milieu. Education with health, in the cool climates of Peermade with its stunning areas of natural beauty; what more can you ask for!

The college is intended for students preparing for a career to move forward on the strength of intellect and imagination. We are committed to providing students with the freedom and care to go all out for their personal best.

It has all the facilities and offers a broad range of services, catering to the needs of students; excellent and well-equipped Labs where students obtain valuable practical familiarity. Business students benefit by obtaining career-related practical experience in the well-established simulated enterprise offices.

It is our endeavor to nurture the college to a preeminent academy of the nation and strive to sustain and augment its quality in teaching, research, public service and economic development. We will have the best guest and visiting lecturers and speakers from various industries and from an assortment of renounced organizations imparting intellectual lessons and classes to our students. This is not to mention our planned roadmap to put our institution within the radar of all major Industries and Organizations and put in place a worldwide campus selection mechanism.

We know how parents from middle class background scarifies all their base personal needs to education of their children – what do they expect in return? Nothing short of a well – disciplined education and remunerative employment – thus we account for each rupee they spend.

Well, what more can I say to the trusting parents and earnest students. AIMS has been, is and always will be at your service.

I wish you all the best.